Samples are available now; mass production is scheduled to start by end of August.

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photosensitive diodes

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Samples are available now; mass production is scheduled to start by end of August.

Samples are available now; mass production is scheduled to start by end of August.

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photosensitive diodes

Technical article:

Thick copper paves way for high-current drive in high-voltage power ICs

LONDON – Triad Semiconductor Inc., whose via-configurable arrays offer programmable analog with a microcontroller, has announced the availability of its largest configurable array to date, the VCA-6, with more than one million ASIC gates.

photosensitive diodes

The VCA-6 is fabricated on IBM's 0.18-micron 7RF process and manufactured within the United States making the device suitable for defense applications, according to Triad (Winston-Salem, N.C.). The VCA-6 is suitable for applications such as software defined radio, sonar, smart sensor fusion, FPGA plus analog replacement, unmanned autonomous vehicle (UAV) controllers, Triad said.

The VCA-6 contains 320 configurable logic tiles. Each tile contains 3,150 NAND2 equivalent ASIC gates providing the array with a total of 1,008,000 ASIC gates. Unlike FPGAs, VCA-6 logic gates are not equivalent system gates” but actual standard-cell gate primitives providing the size, performance, and power profile typical of a standard-cell digital ASIC implementation. Each logic tile also contains a 4,608-bit 2-port static RAM organized as 128 words by 36-bits. The array also contains a total of 160-kbytes of via configurable non-volatile read-only memory (ROM) arranged as 160 1K x 8 ROMs. The distributed RAM and ROM resources can be configured into larger composite memories using Triad’s ViaWare™ memory generator.

photosensitive diodes

In addition the VCA-6 has over 100 op-amps with each op-amp surrounded by configurable collections of resistors, capacitors, transistors, and switches. The analog resources are arranged into single-ended analog tiles, fully differential analog tiles, resistive DAC tiles, bias tiles, and current steering DAC tiles. A single via-only mask layer change configures and interconnects these analog and digital resources into a wide range of mixed-signal circuits.

The VCA-6 enables designers to replace power-hungry FPGAs and an entire board full of discrete analog parts with a lower power, single chip solution,” said Reid Wender, vice president of marketing at Triad Semiconductor, in a statement.

Prices for rare earths are going wild,” said Mike Pugh, director of operations for Intematix Corp. For instance, the price of europium more than doubled during a three-week period in June of this year.”

The U.S., Canada and Australia all have strategic efforts underway to reopen rare earth mines outside China, including new mines in Russia and Malaysia. Still, these new mines are not expected to significantly reduce the shortfall for at least three years. As a result, hoarding and price gouging are already rampant as is a concerted effort by manufacturers to either move manufacturing operations to China or find alternatives to rare earths.

Rare earths are used in slurries for mechanical planarization of everything from glass to semiconductor wafers. Chip makers are resorting to silicates and other minerals to substitute for rare earths, but the biggest squeeze is being felt by makers of phosphors for everything from fluorescent bulbs to white LEDs.

Phosphor maker Intematix (Fremont, Calif.) is taking a two-prong approach to rare earth shortages–moving some of its manufacturing to China while developing alternate phosphors in the U.S.

By manufacturing our aluminate and garnet phosphors in China, we can buy our rare earth materials there instead of having to export them,” said Pugh. In the U.S., we are making our nitride and silicate phosphors which use only very small quantities of rare earths.”